As a health insurance, you strive providing your members with the highest quality health care leading to the best possible outcomes. Partnering with TKH offers a robust framework of a tailored alliance that delivers professional support, positioning you for success in achieving and surpassing your goals.

Independent and unbiased

Your Health, Your safety life

In the field of medical care, it´s common to encounter more than one possible treatment option.
When evaluating these options, it is essential to point out their advantages and risks and to consider the patient’s preferences.

Fast, yet careful and excellent

Your Voice, Your Choice

Modern medicine emphasizes shared decision-making between patients and healthcare providers to determine the most suitable care pathway for the patient or their loved one. This requires that the decision-makers have all the necessary information regarding pros and cons of all possible options.

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Unique feature of TheKnowHow

Our independence distinguishes TheKnowHow offer from other second opinion services which may include patient recruitment for health tourism or other forms of bias. By partnering with TKH, health insurance providers can be confident that they are providing their members with the highest quality, unbiased impartial medical opinions, leading to the best possible healthcare decision and outcomes.

Fast, yet careful and excellent

While our priority is always to provide a thorough and impartial assessment founded on the most current global research and clinical expertise of each case, we also strive to work efficiently and collaboratively with our clients and deliver our services promptly.
As a standard practice, we strive to provide our reports within a few days. However, the timeline may be subject to negotiation based on the complexity of the case.
By partnering with TheKnowHow, insurance companies can rest assured when dealing with a large volume of cases.

Independent medical assessment

Our Independent Medical Assessment evaluate whether medical procedures and therapies adhere to the most recent recommendations made by scientific guidelines. Have clinical trials demonstrated their safety and efficacy? Exist less obtrusive options?
Furthermore, a medical assessment by TheKnowHow experts can support you to determine if an insured individual is qualified for a specific medical care in compliance with the specific insurance requirements.
In order to achieve the best possible health outcomes and minimize risks, it’s important to seek unbiased advice, free from patient recruitment or other biases. Therefore, our team of experts at TheKnowHow is not involved in the subsequent treatment of patients. They maintain unbiased, offering objective assessments of medical conditions and treatment options.

Flavicone TheKnowHow


TheKnowHow recognizes the complexities and challenges that insurance companies face in handling a different case, ranging from routine medical procedures to dental treatments, complex or rare diseases, and even advanced-stage cancer. We specialize in offering Independent medical assessments  for a wide range of medical fields, including:

Health insurance - The Economic Significance

Numerous international studies have revealed that a significant proportion of surgical interventions could have been averted such as those targeting joint and back pain relief. These findings extend beyond orthopaedics, to other medical fields such as oncology, palliative care, and chemotherapy, among others.

Therefore, independent second medical opinion and medical assessment are crucial not only for your financial stability, but also for the overall well-being of your clients.

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